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Recreation & Tourism


Shoreline Hiking Trail

Lumsden has been known for its raging seas, a resettled fishing community and unique shoreline. A lot of our history is attached to our shoreline and while you enjoy our hiking trail you can learn about Lumsden's History.


The Shoreline Hiking Trail is a moderate 8.5 km point to point trail from Queens' Head to Windmill Bight Brook over white sandy beaches in Lumsden. This trail is part of the Wondershore Trail System.


Hike through sand dunes and over rocky cliffs where gorgeous ocean views await; icebergs flowing, whales breaching and shorebirds singing.  Many historic landmarks and graveyards from resettled communities of Cat Harbour North and South line the trail.  You won’t be disappointed!  Check a part of our history below...

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Municipal parks

The Town of Lumsden has 2 beautiful RV Camping grounds, Windmill Bight Municipal Park and Lumsden North Beach Park.  These Parks are connected to 4 stunning beaches and surrounded by gorgeous scenery. 


What to do?

Visiting Lumsden? Looking for something to do?  Lumsden has lots to offer.  Scenic Trails, a Playground right next to the beach, miles of white sandy beaches, a  large Dog Park, Berry Picking, Fishing/Angling, great trails for ATV's and Snowmobiling in the winter. 

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Seaside Playground

Located in Lumsden North Beach Park is our Playground! 

Lots of play equipment for all ages to enjoy.

The Lumsden Recreation Commission, along with help from the Town of Lumsden, work hard each year to maintain our playground.  

Dog Park

The Lumsden Recreation Commission has a fenced in Dog Park each year, located on Beach Road.

This is a use at own risk Dog Park that is not supervised by the Town. 

Remember Dog owners are always legally responsible for their Dogs behavior.  If your Dog gets in a fight with another Dog, exchange contact information and please leave the Dog Park.  You are liable and responsible for any injury cause by your Dog.

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Lumsden Beaches 

Are you looking for a place to walk, sunbath, frolic in the ocean or just a serene place to relax. Lumsden has the beaches that offers all that.

Berry Pickers Dream

Berries grow wildly in season and cover much of the marshland and fields around Lumsden and area.  At the right time of year there is an abundance of berries to be found in many different kinds !



Many residents and tourist enjoy berry picking and kids especially enjoy eating the freshly picked berries.  If you would rather buy a gallon or 2 you may get lucky and find a local resident with some for sale, you may also come across homemade jams and tarts of all flavors, made locally with freshly picked berries from right here!!

Lumsden North Area is known for it Bakeapples, Marshberries, and Partridgeberries.

Windmill Head Area is known for it's Raspberries, Blueberries and Blackberries.

Cranberries also can be found around Lumsden if you happen to catch them in season!

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Recreational Fishing and Angling

Four Salmon Rivers and many local Trouting Brooks and Ponds are located in and around Lumsden area.  Angling, Fishing and Trapping is a much enjoyed hobby and pastime to residents and tourist alike.  A little friendly competition can make for lots of fun in the sport.  

Licenses are available seasonally at Rich's Enterprise LTD in Lumsden!!


Click on the Anglers Guide below to be redirected to the Government Website for access to the guide, important information, updates and river status.

Newfoundland Anglers Guide

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